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When Arthur Jones ventured into athletic strength and conditioning industry, his imitable approach was, as always, nothing new under the sun, in which he worshipped. He had already conquered many myths and superstitions in the industries he had dominated previously. His approach to wild animal conservation and relocation was done in a way that had never been seen before or since. He had vanquished the experts that laughed and scoffed at him and told him he could not survive and succeed in uncharted and dangerous territories. He incredibly succeeded in spite of their lofty opinions. He filmed over 300 episodes of a TV Wild Life Series that made anything made since look like child's play. And so, when he wrote his first articles on athletic training, he dropped bombs on every silly training philosophy that had ever existed. The result is that these were the most brilliant of his works. They so far exceeded anything on the scene that nothing before or since could ever rival such excellence. His passionate desire to communicate the facts over the fables is evident in every article in this series. brings back to life the genius' best works, a must read for anyone involved in any way shape or form in the fitness field. Arthur's works here forever will change your direction in exercise as it relates to sports training, but in a positive way.

-David Landau

Athletic Journal Articles

Progressive Exercise September 1974
Flexibility as a Result of Exercise September 1974
Criminal Fraud... or Unbelievable Stupidity November 1974
Avoiding and Preventing Injuries January 1975
Improving Function in Any Sport March 1975
Negative Work as a Factor in Exercise April 1975
Negative Accentuated Strength Training May 1975
Preventing Injuries in Sports May 1975
Total Conditioning September 1975
Dick Butkus October 1975
Increasing Neck Strength... for the Prevention of Injury October 1975
Flexibility and Metabolic Condition October 1975
Increasing Neck Strength... for the Prevention of Injury #2 November 1975
The Nervous System in Sports November 1975
The Future of Exercise ­ An Opinion December 1975
Metabolic Cost of Negative Work January 1976
Infimetric Exercise January 1976
Neck Injuries in Sports May 1976
Fast Twitch, Slow Twitch What is the Truth January 1977
Flexibility as a Result of Exercise March 1977
Time... as a Factor in Exercise April 1977
Specificity in Strength Training ­ Facts & Fables May 1977
The Missing Link in Athletic Performance June 1977
Predicting Athletic Ability September 1977
Exercise: '86... The Present State of the Art April 1986
"Negative Only" Strength Training
The Relationship of Strength to Functional Ability in Sports

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